Aardman Nathan Love

Kellogg’s® Froot Loops® "Detector"

Introducing the all-new strawberry-filled Froot Loops Treasures! "Detector" marks Nathan Love’s second outing for the brand, following a stunning debut that shepherded the iconic avian characters from five decades of 2D familiarity to contemporary high-quality 3D.

Kellogg’s® Froot Loops®
Leo Burnett

Creative Directors:
Joe Burrascano & Anca Risca

Joe Burrascano

Head of Production:
Derrick Huang

Executive Producer:
James Braddock

Associate Producer:
Dennis Samatulski

Project Lead:
Eric Cunha

Character and Environment Design:
Sigmund Lambrento

Additional Design:
Seung Sung

Joe Laney

Jim McKenzie

Character Modeling:
James Chan, Pedro Conti, Ylli Orana

Character Texturing:
Christina Ku, Pedro Conti

Rigging Lead:
Lukas Wadya

Additional Rigging:
Eric Cunha, Hyungjin Ji

Liquid FX:
Ylli Orana

Animation Lead:
Tony Travieso

Dave Han, Roman Kobryn, Kyle Moy

Additional Animation:
Seung Sung

Props/Environment Modeling, Texturing and Layout:
Seung Sung, Akira Hyun, Adalynn Martinez, Ylli Orana, Triston Huang

Lighting and Rendering Lead:
Natasha Saenko

Lighting and Rendering:
Triston Huang, Ylli Orana

Compositing Lead:
Herculano Fernandes

Additional 2D Compositing:
Jim McKenzie

Matte Painting:
Jim McKenzie, Sigmund Lambrento

2D FX:
Kristjan Zaklynsky